Agile Portugal 2011. June 20-22

Beyond Kanban: Lean Thinking for Agile Teams

Talk, by Ana Paula Valente Pereira
Tuesday, June 21, 15:35 – 17:05 @ B 003

The growing interest about Kanban in the Agile Community seems to reduce learning about Lean Thinking to one principle only: PULL. This talk will provide a complete overview of the 14 Management Principles for developing a Lean Culture and how IT frameworks such as SCRUM or KANBAN for Software Development apply them.

Attendants will be introduced to Lean Leardership and People Development and as well as fundamental Lean Practices beyond kanban such as Value Stream Mapping, Continuous Flow, Leveling (Heijunka), Stop and Fix (Jidoka), Visual Standards, Visual Controls and A3 Problem Solving.

Knowledge about these often overlooked principles and practices will help agile teams to see the whole and better understand the lean concepts behind agile frameworks such as SCRUM and KANBAN. They will be better equipped to create learning and adaptive organizations by solving problems in the implementation of agile frameworks instead of spending time discussing which framework is better. After all, the goal is to “be lean and agile” and not to “do Lean” or “do Agile”.