Agile Portugal 2011. June 20-22

In Search of our Holy Grail: How we get a feel for both CMMI and SCRUM

Talk, by Isabel Ferreira
Tuesday, June 21, 11:00 – 12:30 @ B 002

Sinfic Quality Management System (QMS), has implemented a learning system that allows today the management of all projects profiles (small or big projects and local or geographically distributed teams – Portugal, Angola and Brazil).

The organizational QMS is the tool for operationalization of organizational changes that are necessary due to the change in the strategic context of the company. The alignment of Sinfic QMS with the CMMI-DEV (maturity level 2 and 3), ISO 9001:2008, NP 4457: Innovation and Management Systems Investigation and Blackblot methodology (with our shift of orientation to products development), has been a constant driver in the context of these references and methodologies at Sinfic. Now we are incorporating the Scrum framework into our QMS in the context of projects profiles.

This presentation pretends to transmit our experience in two pilot projects with CMMI (maturity level 2 and 3) and Scrum Alignment, particularly in Agile Estimating and Planning, metrics and indicators (to schedule fixed projects), roles and responsibilities, users stories versus use cases, and also share mistakes and lessons learned.