Agile Portugal 2011. June 20-22

Eduardo Guerra

Eduardo Guerra is a framework developer, researcher in software testing and design, agile enthusiast, chief-editor of the MundoJ magazine and teacher at the Aeronautical Institute of Technology (ITA) in Brazil, where he concluded his graduation, master and PhD. He has several Java certifications, and experience as software architect in platforms like Java SE, Java ME and Java EE. Eduardo has presented talks in conferences like Agile Brazil, AgileVale, Encontro Ágil, PLoP, JustJava, SSI, XP Brasil, JaVale and Borcon. He has published papers on test code refactoring and automated testing tools, participating in the development of open source test frameworks such as ClassMock, JQuati and MakeATest. Eduardo believes that good software is more a product of creativity then of coding, and is continuously searching for better ways to develop software applications.