Agile Portugal 2011. June 20-22

Build automation, continuous integration and continuous deployment using Microsoft tools

Talk, by Jose Soria Teruel
Tuesday, June 21, 15:35 – 17:05 @ B 002

Build automation is a core practice for agile methods; using the right set of tools, developers can maintain a working set of code that is built easily and with minimum configuration overhead. Continuous Integration of the code in order to synchronize efforts between all the members of the team is the natural evolution from build automation. And with a little more effort, continuous deployment can be set up, so new features and bug fixes are seamlessly prepared to be tested or even delivered into the corresponding environment. This talk will show how these practices can be easily adopted by teams working in Microsoft/.NET environments, using Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2010. The talk is aimed to agile developers working with .NET technologies, who want to begin incorporating build automation into their projects.